An application designed exclusively for diabetics

Diabetics get an app that will assist with their diet and health advice.

An app has been designed specifically for diabetics to document their lifestyle and answer their questions – all in the palm of their hands. This app can only improve the lives of diabetics.

The app was launched by the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) in Johannesburg. Diabetes is one of the top two most deadly diseases in South Africa, but it is manageable with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

A diabetes educator and registered dietitian at the CDE, Hamish van Wyk, said it’s recommended that a person living with diabetes should know more about the disease than the average general practitioner.

“Having that much knowledge can be overwhelming, which is why this application has been introduced – our experience tells us the majority of people with diabetes have many questions about their condition and don’t have answers. The intention of the application is not to take over the role of a diabetes nurse, educator or a dietitian, but to supply information to support the user’s educational journey and as a point of reference,” he said.

Thandeka Cele of Krugersdorp said she is planning to use the app to track her lifestyle and for advice.

“This is so cool, a diabetic app … I have been living with diabetes since I was in primary school, but I still lack knowledge about it. I will download the app as soon as I have data, I really can’t wait because it is free to use,” said the 24-year-old.

The application answers questions ranging from “Will I ever need insulin in addition to my pills?” and “How many times a day should I check my blood glucose levels?” to “Why do I have diabetes?”, and so forth.

The CDE application will offer rewards that are redeemable for free, and when users read articles, complete actions and achieve clinical targets, they will earn ‘badges’ as they will be rewarded with coupons for discount on various brands.

To download the app, search by typing ‘CDE Club App’ into the Google Play Store or the iStore on your cellphone. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code by visiting the CDE’s website at


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